About Us

Why am I doing this?

  • Become more self reliant
  • To reduce my negative impact on the planet
  • Create a resource of experience for others to do the same
  • Improve my health and mental well being
  • Carve out a sustainable but modern lifestyle

The Backyard Farmer is a blog following my attempt to “foodscape” my garden. I believe that by changing some of our habits in regards to food consumption, we can reduce some of our negative environmental impacts such as carbon emissions and footprints to helping support local wildlife & fauna.

No chemicals & no plastics!

Through this project there will be no use of chemicals of any sort. It is now scientific fact that food and chemicals should not really mix, after all, we are what we eat.

This also goes for plastics which have also been shown to bleed toxins into our food!

Save the bee’s!

Bee’s are also effected by the use of pesticides which can stop their navigation facilities working properly. This leads to them getting lost, tired and eventually to the worker bee’s death!


This is where the chickens come in as they are one of natures best natural defenses against pests.

I hope to document my attempts to ‘foodscape’ my garden, the blog can hopefully prove useful to other people following in similar footsteps.

How long will it take?

The Backyard Farmer is an ongoing project, it is an attempt to form a new lifestyle and maintain it. I’m hoping that I will learn most of what I need to over the first year.

Although I have a feeling that growing vegetables and looking after some chickens will have lots of lessons to give over time.

Hopefully, with a bit of luck there will be a nice bounty of vegetables & eggs by the end of this seasonal year. As long as things prove successful over the next 8 or so months, I will expand my venture for next year and dedicate more of my back garden to growing some vegetables.

Where are you based?

I live in the North West of the United Kingdom / Britain, it is a temperate & seasonal part of the world. We generally see typical seasonal weather of warm summers and colder winters.

This makes it great for growing certain veg like root vegetables, salad leaves and various fruits. I will also be keeping some chickens who also do well in this climate.

North West Britain
North West Britain

What vegetables will you be growing?

I will be growing a mix of vegetables in my first year, these have been chosen as they are easy to grow in Britain and will be useful in the kitchen.

I shall be growing;

  • salad leaves
  • peas
  • radishes
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • beetroot
  • beans
  • tomatoes
  • rhubarb
  • Chili’s

What vegetables should I grow in the UK

We will also be utilizing a companion growing technique from America that was created by the indigenous people. The technique is called ‘The three sisters’, for more information on it click here

How can I do the same?

If you are wanting to set up a backyard farm but don’t know where to start, read through the articles on this blog. There are so many ways to grow your own food there really is no excuse.

Even in apartment blocks or inner city homes, there is always something you can do. Feel free to message me at admin@backyard-farmer.com if you think I can help. Thanks for reading.