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common mouning bee

Common mourning bee

Active Months From March to June. Nesting Habits Unlike most bees, the Mourning Bee is a ‘nest parasite’. How To Identify A Common Mourning Bee They

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tree bumble bee

Tree bumblebee

Active Months From March to July. Nesting Habits Tree Bumble bees like cavities above ground level How To Identify A Tree Bumblebee Very identifiable bee with

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Early bumblebee

Active Months From March to June. Nesting Habits Cavities and Old Burrows. How To Identify An Early Bumblebee Yellow and black bands, with an orange tail.

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Honey bees

Active months From March to October. Nesting habits Honey bees nest in Beehives or in cavities above the ground. How to identify Honey Bees The honey

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Bumble bees

Bumble bees are the big cumbersome bugs you see flying around your garden in the summer. Overall there are 250 known species of Bumble bees

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