How to make Chewy Flapjacks

chewy flapjack

Wondering how to make the renowned Flapjack? Look no further because this is THE Flapjack recipe. When you say Flap-Jack this is what most people will think of, a sweet, buttery snack made from rolled oats and Lyle’s Golden Syrup! This is he old fashioned way to make Flapjacks in Britain. Chewy, buttery and sweet 

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Cooking equipment

  • Mixing bowl
  • Baking tray (13″ x 9″)
  • Wooden spoon
  • Baking paper
  • Non stick pan


  • 250 grams Unsalted Butter
  • 230 grams Lyle’s Golden Syrup
  • 175 grams Brown sugar
  • 200 grams Large Rolled Oats
  • 200 grams Small Rolled Oats

How to make Flapjacks (Step by step)

  1. Preheat your oven to 180c / Gas mark 3 / 325f
  2. Weigh out both the Large and Small rolled oats and add them to the mixing bowl
  3. Cut butter into cubes and melt in a none stick pan. Stir on a low heat to avoid burning the butter
  4. Weigh out your sugar and add it to the melted butter, stir and wait for the sugar and butter to combine
  5. Now add the Lyles Golden Syrup to the sugar and butter. Mix them together until combined
  6. Add the butter, sugar and syrup mix to your oats in the mixing bowl
  7. Mix this together until the oats are well coated, leave to stand for 5 minutes for the oats to soak up some of the mixture
  8. Place a sheet of baking paper into the baking tray and pour in your mixture spreading it as you go
  9. You now need to flatten the mix, to do this I place a sheet of baking over the top of the Flap jack. Then place another baking tray of the same size on top of your Flap Jack and push down with equal pressure
  10. After flattening the flapjack place the spare baking tray to one side and remove the baking parchment from the top
  11. Place the Flap Jack into your pre heated oven and cook until golden brown, around 20 minutes
  12. Once it’s ready, place your Flap Jack onto a cooling tray for 10 minutes. Whilst still warm cut it into portions as you see fit

How to stop flapjacks from crumbling?

The combination of large and small rolled oats is essential to a well formed flapjack! Without a mixture flap jacks can be very tricky to eat with more of it ending up on the floor than in your tummy! Lyle’s Golden Syrup is the traditional ingridient for Flap Jacks, at a push you can use alterantive golden syrups, however, nothing is better than the real deal! This recipe is for treats, and are probably a little calorific! But, there are flap jack recipes that are much healthier and can even be a great way to start your day or as a hiking snack.



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