Do Bees Sting This Time of Year?

Bees sting
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What time of year do bees sting?

Bees tend to sting the most in the summer moths when temperatures are higher. In the warmer days bees are more active and you are therefore more likely to bump into them, as well as wasps!

What month do bees sting the most?

Bees sting the most in the summer, in the UK this is generally between March and October.

Are bees aggressive?

No, bees are not intentionally aggressive and stinging is a final defence for them. It’s important to remember that no insect is out to hurt you intentionally, especially bees. They may react aggressively if disturbed or injured just like any other living creature.

Do bees die if they sting you?

Not all bees die after they sting you, in fact only Honey Bees die if they sting you and it is a slow and painful affair for them 🙁

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Do all bees sting?

No, not all bees sting and it’s only the female of the species that does! Although there are a small variety of bees that don’t sting, it’s safe to say the majority of them do. Some species that do not sting include the ‘Stingless Honey bee’ or ‘Meliponines’.

What time of year do bees die?

Bees die off in the winter time, by the colder months the older queen bees, female workers and males have all perished leaving the newly mated queens to hibernate.

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