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How backyard-farmer.com started

The Backyard Farmer started with my obsession with living sustainably in suburban England. I worked at a bar then, and I would make my lifestyle more sustainable with my spare hours. The three sustainable things I started to do were:

These three changes not only reduce my negative effect on the environment, but they also have positive effects on my health & which is why I continue to work on these three goals. Going to local shops means I cook more and eat less processed food. Riding a bike keeps me fit, and growing food adds to my healthy diet.

About us

I decided to start documenting this lifestyle which is when backyard-farmer.com was born. This blog is about living a modern lifestyle in populated areas as sustainably as possible.

We can live with modern comforts in harmony with nature with modern technology and renewable energy.

What does the backyard farmer talk about?

The purpose of this blog is to help people develop a sustainable lifestyle of their own through the use of modern technology and a green thumb. At the moment, there are three main areas I like to cover.

About The backyard farmer himself

Hi, and welcome to the blog; I hope you find some information that helps you on your journey to being a more sustainable human! My name is Fred, and here is a little about me. I spent my early years on a farm in the Yorkshire countryside, where my love of nature comes from. I also love technology, which can conflict with my other passions.

However, as renewable energy technology has developed, how we generate energy is becoming less harmful to nature. I can see a future where renewable energy enables a technology-rich future that does not cost the Earth.

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Where is backyard-farmer.com located?

The Wirral is a peninsula in the North West of England, sandwiched between North Wales and the city of Liverpool. It is the best of both worlds. We have a lot of green space, in 30 minutes you can be in the country or city.

In Summary

The Backyard-farmer continues to grow as I document the many unique projects people do worldwide. There will be more ‘How to’ blog posts when I have successfully grown a new vegetable or herb, even a recipe or two. The backyard farmer blog has sustainability, green tech and foodscaping covered.

Thanks for stopping by, Fred Robinson, Founder & Content Creator.

If you would like to contact me regarding the blog please email, admin at backyard-farmer dot com

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