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Sustainable living is easier than it may seem. It also does not mean living in a Yurt with no electricity. With modern technology and knowledge, living a sustainable lifestyle with all the modern pet comforts like technology & devices is possible. The Backyard Farmer, like the UN’s SDG, is a sustainable development project. We want to be the change that helps drive sustainability across multiple sectors. The backyard farmer wants to be there when people ask, ‘What is sustainability’.

Sustainability Meaning

What is sustainability? Well, it's all about living in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants. This means producing things like our clothes, food & entertainment from reusable materials that have little to no detrimental effect on their natural surroundings.

Why be sustainable

Why is sustainability important?

The world has long known that how we interact with the planet is not good enough. This is leading to an environmental crisis in natural and artificial environments. We believe in a modern & sustainable future for the world as set out in the initiative by the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The UN have the SDG initiative, the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. They address global challenges, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

Be the Change.

Environment development & sustainability

At the backyard farmer, we want to help you develop your environment at home, in the garden & at work into a more sustainable world. Our blog articles cover everything from sustainable technology to guides on living a more sustainable life.

common mouning bee

Common Mourning Bee

Active Months The common mourning bee is a solitary bee with some interesting habits. Their Latin name is Melecta albifrons and can be found in

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hairy footed flower bee

Hairy-footed flower bee

Active Months From March to June. Nesting Habits In Aerial or ground nests such as walls, banks or underground nests. How To Identify A Hairy-Footed Flower

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tree bumble bee

Tree bumblebee

Active Months From March to July. Nesting Habits Tree Bumble bees like cavities above ground level How To Identify A Tree Bumblebee Very identifiable bee with

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Brown Banded Carder bees

Active Months From March to November. Nesting Habits Tussocks How To Identify Brown Banded Carder Bees These bees are usually a brown colour that can vary

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sustainability blog

For a modern world

We believe in a modern world that co-exists with nature & produces minimal waste. This blog explores sustainable methods for practical living.

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