3 best solar energy companies

Top 3 best solar energy companies in the UK
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Welcome to the 3 best solar energy companies in the UK. If you’re looking for Britain’s best solar installation company, look no further! We have researched the three best solar energy companies in England, Wales & Scotland.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular because they are one of the cheapest ways to provide renewable electricity. You generate power where needed, and photovoltaic systems are two to four times cheaper than power from the national grid. 

We researched some main areas when deciding on the best solar energy companies. We covered things like:

  • Is the pricing competitive?
  • Are they certified solar power installers?
  • Do they fit commercial and domestic solar panels?
  • Does the company offer aftercare?
  • Does the company warranty their work?
  • What other services does the company offer?
  • How many years have they operated for?

Best Overall

Joju solar

Joju Solar

With a Google review rating of five stars, you can be confident in using Joju Solar for your solar energy needs, Nationwide Service available.

Well Established

Deege Solar

With 12 years of experience in solar energy, Deege Solar is established in its role as a company that supplies & installs solar energy.

Best Warranty

Geo Green Power

Geo Green Power make the statement that only fit the best quality solar panels available & they warranty their work.

Joju Solar, the Solar Energy Company

Google reviews – Five stars!

What makes Joju Solar one of the best 3 solar energy companies in the UK?

Of the many companies that fit photovoltaic solar power systems, a few stands out, Joju Solar being one of them. Three things that make Joju Solar stand out as a solar power company are:

  1. Joju Solar is a customer focussed solar energy company that professionally handles each project & their customer reviews speak for themselves. With a five-star rating on Google, Joju Solar shines bright in the solar energy sector.
  2. A forward-thinking company, Joju Solar has become essential to support the drive for solar energy in social housing. Joju Solar help people who otherwise may not have the option to finance solar energy solutions.
  3. They are leaders in ‘Democratic Energy’, from supporting the UK’s first community-funded solar project to installing some of the most significant community projects like the Prodrive to the Moon and Back renewable energy system.

Check out Joju Solar’s incredible community work here.

Is Joju Solar nationwide?

Yes, Joju Solar can install renewable energy solutions across the UK. The solar company’s main office is in Sheffield. However, the supply and fitting of their renewable energy solutions are available Nationwide. 

Joju Solar work with over 80 councils nationwide to install solar panels on social housing, so you can be sure there’s a team near you ready to take on the job. And with a five-star Google rating, you can confidently use Joju Solar.

Do they fit solar panels for domestic properties?

Yes, Joju Solar can supply and install solar panels on domestic properties; they have made it their mission to reduce a household’s carbon emissions and running costs through solar energy.

Do they fit solar panels to commercial properties?

Yes, Joju Solar has teams dedicated to the commercial and public sectors. Not only are they capable, but Joju Solar is also known for its professionalism and problem-solving attitude. 

Joju Solar supplies and installs solar panels for businesses like Marks & Spencer, Pepsi & Aldi.

Does Joju Solar have good reviews?

With a Google review rating of five stars, you can be confident in using Joju Solar for your solar energy needs. Joju Solar’s professionalism, timekeeping & positive attitude are mentioned throughout the feedback in their Google reviews.                                           

What I like about Joju Solar

On the whole, Joju Solar is up there among the best 3 solar energy companies you could hire. The three main reasons I would choose Joju Solar Power are:

  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews – I know how hard it is to secure Google reviews as a small business owner. Therefore, Joju Solar must make a great impression to receive a consistent five-star rating.

Joju is also 5* Rated on the independent government review site YouGen.co.uk.

  • Award Winning – Joju Solar are expert in their field and has the accreditations to back this up, such as being a Tesla Energy Certified installer, Exor accreditedSafe Contractor & NEC EIC approved.
  • The complete set – Joju Solar are genuine experts in Solar energy and develops ‘complete set’ systems which use solar power in conjunction with battery storage & EV charging spots allowing people to charge their electric vehicles from solar panels. 

What I dislike about Joju Solar

Joju Solar is a great company. After some intense research on a business, you usually find an area that needs to be improved, whether it’s customer service or cost. However, Joju Solar tick every box when operating a successful & forward-thinking business.

Businesses like Joju Solar do well because they have a clear vision, a strong team and a growing market, which is a crucial but rare combination. 

Deege Solar, the Solar Energy Company

Google Reviews 4.4 Stars (133 Reviews)

What makes Deege Solar one of the best 3 solar energy companies in the UK?

With 12 years of experience in solar energy, Deege Solar is established in its role as a company that supplies & installs solar energy. Deege Solar have some great reviews and over 120+ certifications throughout the company.

Three things that make Deege Solar stand out as a solar energy company are:

  1. As a company with 12 years in solar energy, Deege Solar is well established and has good reviews on Google, which shows Deege Solar is running an effective business that will likely be there in the future should you need them.
  2. Deege Solar supply & install great solar energy systems helping towards a greener future. They also have an active campaign to educate people about the ecological & financial benefits of powering your home or business with solar energy.
  3. Deege Solar are a one-stop shop for greener energy. Services include EV charging hubs integrated into your Solar energy system, which means you can charge your EV car for free. Clients can also take advantage of their excess energy and have batteries installed.

Is Deege Solar nationwide?

Deege Solar have a head office based in Essex, the solar energy company Deege Solar supplies and installs renewable energy systems across the UK. In 2020 alone, Deege Solar installed over 875 solar energy systems across England, Wales & Scotland.

Does Deege Solar fit solar panels to domestic properties?

If you need a solar energy company to supply and install solar panels on your house, then Deege Solar is a great choice. Customer feedback is mostly positive, with people reporting a positive experience with the company.

Does Deege Solar fit solar panels to commercial properties?

Deege Solar also has a commercial option for businesses and establishments. Deege Solar’s team is ready to help your business convert to energy independence and lower its carbon footprint.

Does Deege Solar have good reviews?

Yes, the vast majority of reviews are five stars, and many have photos of the work attached, giving another layer of validity to them. Although there are a handful of negative experiences, they are few and far between, and the company values its clients overall.

What I like about Deege Solar

Deege Solar is one of the best nationwide solar energy companies focusing on customer service and delivering energy-effective & cost-efficient solutions to homes and businesses. Here are three things I like about Deege Solar:

  1. Experienced – Deege Solar has 12 years of experience providing solar energy to homes and businesses. Over this time, they have reached nearly 25,000 installations using solar energy.
  2. Quality first – As industry professionals, Deege Solar makes a point of only working with the best suppliers in solar energy technology, for example, PanasonicGrowattSolar Edge & Hyundai Energy Solutions.
  3. Awards – An award-winning solar energy company, Deege Solar boasts many awards, including the best solar PV Installer of the Year 2022 and recommended solar power installers 2022. Their team was also awarded a Special Commendation in the Solar PV Project of The Year 2022.

What I dislike about Deege Solar

Once again, it is not easy to find negative things to say about this company as it is well-established and has many good, genuine Google reviews. The only things I dislike are the following:

  • Octopus Energy – Octopus Energy is one of the stated ‘quality’ companies Deege Solar works with. However, I researched Octopus Energy as part of this article, and the customer reviews do not represent a quality company.
  • Negative reviews left open – There are a handful of negative reviews on Google, the positive reviews have been responded to, yet the negative reviews have yet to be dealt with. This left questions about why these issues are unresolved.

Geo Green Power, the Solar Energy Company

Google Reviews 4.3 Stars (17 Reviews)

What makes Geo Green Power one of the best 3 solar energy companies in the UK?

A reputable solar energy company, Geo Green Power, has a good reputation for supplying and fitting quality solar energy & other renewable systems. Their quality work is noted by many of their clients, who have left reviews expressing this. 

Geo Green Power also funds & researches new technology to improve the efficiency of renewable energy systems. Which helps drive innovation in renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Is Geo Green Power nationwide?

Having projects nationwide, you can be sure that a Geo Green Power team is close enough. Geo Green Power supplies and installs solar energy systems nationwide, with their head office in Nottingham.

Does Geo Green Power fit solar panels to domestic properties?

Geo Green Power offers supply and installation services for residential solar energy solutions. Geo Green Power make the statement that only fit the best quality solar panels available & due to long-standing relationships with suppliers, they also offer some very competitive costs.

Does Geo Green Power fit solar panels to commercial properties?

Sustainability should be on the agenda of every modern business. Geo Green Power can help bring your commercial premises up to modern standards if you need a solar energy company to help. 

With an extensive portfolio of top-tier clients such as VolkswagenJCB & G4S, you can be sure that Geo Green Power can deliver in a professional environment.

Does Geo Green Power have good reviews?

Most reviews from Geo Green Powers clients are positive and five stars. However, there are some negative reviews. Unlike many companies, though, Geo Green Power has addressed these reviews and either detailed changes that they had made to improve or made attempts to resolve the issue professionally.

What I like about Geo Green Power

Geo Green Power is an established outfit in renewable energy, a new and evolving arena. As a company, their desire to deliver a quality product at competitive prices seems genuine. Although there are a handful of bad reviews, the company has openly addressed the complaints to resolve them.

  • Open to Grow – Honest responses to negative feedback attempting to resolve the issues show open honesty and a willingness to learn, which are integral to growing businesses.
  • Warranty – Unlike many solar energy companies, Geo Green Power offers a massive 25 Year Warranty on Solar Panels & 20 Year Warranty on Inverters.
  • Pushing Boundaries – Geo Green Power fund & conduct research using their resources to improve renewable energy technology.

What I dislike about Geo Green Power

An established solar energy company Geo Green Power is up there with the best. Client reviews reflect a company that takes pride in its work and attempts to deliver to a professional standard.

A handful of bad reviews are related to the aftercare from the company. But as stated, Geo Green Power has addressed these reviews to resolve the issues, which shows an openness to making mistakes and therefore growing as a company.

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