Does Banana Peel Fertiliser Work?

Does Banana Peel Fertiliser Work
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In this article we will answer some questions to do with Banana Peel Fertiliser, also known as ‘Banana Water’. We will also cover how to make your own from scratch. So can fertiliser made from fermented banana peel work?

Banana water for plants – is it a myth?

In short No, ‘Banana Water’ is not a myth and does actually make great fertiliser for your plants, this is because it contains some important minerals that plants use to grow. There are times you should and times you shouldn’t use Banana water fertiliser & this is what we will talk about later in the article. 

What is Banana Peel Fertiliser?

Banana peel fertiliser works the same as a compost tea for your plants, steeping different things in water draws nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for plants, into the water. You then use this ‘Compost Tea’ to feed your plants and give them a boost.

How to make Banana Water Fertiliser

Compost teas are really very simple & it is not rocket science. Banana peel compost tea is simple and effective for giving plants a boost in essential nutrients. Using this method creates a mild but effective feed for growing, flowering or fruiting plants.

  1. When you have finished a banana, cut the peel into smaller chunks 1”-2” long
  2. Fill a vessel that has a lid with 2-3 litres of water & place banana peel in
  3. Close the lid and use within 1-3 days for a mild banana peel compost tea*
  4. (Optional) Use a sieve, cloth or colander to strain the compost tea and filter any large debris that may attract unwanted pests to your soil 
  5. Feed plants with the banana peel compost tea, this can also be diluted 50/50 and used as a foliar spray

*This mixture will ferment so be sure to open the container once a day to release any gas that might have built up. 

What to do with old banana peels? Amend your soil with them!

Instead of throwing out the peels once they are done brewing, you can either throw them into the compost or you can amend your soil with them. When turning over your garden in the late autumn months add the peels to the soil. 

Cut the skins into pieces (if not already in pieces) and bury them deep into your flower & raised beds. Burying them makes them less accessible to house pets and pests. The skins will attract worms who will work through the peels over winter leaving you with a great soil in spring.

What is banana water good for in the garden?

Banana liquid fertiliser has a great mineral and nutrient content for plants. Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium & Phosphorus which are good for plants in any stage of its life cycle are all present in banana peel compost tea. These minerals and nutrients are essential throughout the plant’s life cycle.

What plants can I use banana water on?

You can use banana water on pretty much any plant, they will all benefit from a mild compost tea made from banana peel. However, due to its high potassium content there are some plants that particularly love banana peel fertiliser. As a rule any plant that is producing flowers or fruit will benefit from banana water fertiliser. Plants like –

  • Tomatoes
  • Chilli plants
  • Cucumber
  • Salads
  • Squash
  • Herbs
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Roses
  • Lilies
  • Pansies
  • Magnolia
  • Hydrangea 

What nutrients & minerals are in banana peel fertiliser for plants?

Banana water is a great source of calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphorus & potassium. All of which are essential to sustaining a plant’s health. 

  • Lots of Potassium, this improves general health and builds resistance to pests and diseases. This also helps with fruit development.
  • Calcium, essential in root growth and helps add oxygen to your soil
  • Magnesium, this helps with photosynthesis process
  • Sulphur also helps plants develop strong roots and repel pests
  • Phosphorus aids a plant in fruiting and flowering. It also assists with pollination, seed germination and viability

Banana peel fertiliser has a huge potassium content which is the mineral that makes up a third of most fertiliser products! Potassium is used by plants in its movement of water, carbohydrates and nutrients around its body.

It is important to note that banana peel fertiliser is not a complete fertiliser as it does not contain any Nitrogen which is essential for a plant’s development.

Is banana water good for indoor plants?

Whilst ‘Banana peel fertiliser’ is good for your indoor plants it can have some unwanted effects. Due to the sugars and fermentation of the banana it can attract pests, especially on damp indoor plants. When used outside there is less chance of the liquid banana fertiliser causing an infestation of pests due to the elements & natural predators.

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How often should you use banana water? 

If you have used the recipe in this article then you can use banana water up to 4 times per week as it is very mild, I find twice a week works well. This allows you to make 2 brews per week and keep your plants nutrition topped up. 

Remember to use this either a complete fertiliser or other compost teas that contain Nitrogen, banana peel fertiliser does not contain any nitrogen.

Is banana water good for tomato plants?

Yes! Tomato plants love banana peel fertiliser, this is because it is high in potassium which is used by plants during fruit & flower production. Feed tomato plants 2-3 times per week with a mild banana peel compost tea and see the results!

Is Banana Water good for succulents?

Yes! Banana peel compost tea is a perfect feed for your succulents, as with all plants they require many of the same minerals and nutrients. It is important to note that your succulents do not need feeding anywhere near as much as other plants so use the compost tea sparingly when feeding succulents. 


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