The Best Bag for Foraging

The Best Bag for Foraging
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If you have ever been foraging, you will understand the need for a good bag, as a matter of fact there is nothing is worse than going for a walk in the country and running out of room to keep your foraged goods safely. A backpack does the job but generally needs more separate compartments to stop things like wild salads from getting damaged in transit.

The Barebones gathering bag is ideal for foragers with its multiple compartments, tough material and easy-access design. You can rely on something other than our word – this product has a five-star rating with over 280 reviews that you can read here. We will review the barebones living harvesting & gathering bag, we will also review the barebones living Foragers bag.

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  1. The best harvesting, gathering & foraging bag
  2. What is the best bag for foraging?
  3. Where can I buy a foraging bag?
  4. The foraging bag

The best harvesting, gathering & foraging bag

What is the best bag for foraging?

The barebones harvesting and gathering bag is perfect for foragingas it is designed specifically for the task at hand therefore not only is the foraging bag practical, but it also looks amazing. also coat the canvas in wax, making this foraging bag waterproof and durable.

The Harvesting and Gathering bag also has the following:

  • Removable watertight liner
  • Water-friendly and non-absorbent 
  • The bottom drops out for easy unloading
  • Multiple-way straps
  • Tough and durable
  • Quality metal clasps and buckles

Dimensions: 17″ x 16″ x 3″ 2.0 lbs Weight all inserts: 2.0 lbs

Materials: Paraffin waxed canvas, Metal clasps and buckles

Where can I buy a foraging bag?

There are few places to buy a top-quality, purpose-built forager bag unlike The line of foraging products is quality and sold at a very reasonable price considering barebones will last you years in the field. 

For the quality products we highly recommend going to and buying their harvesting and gathering bag for the best experience. You could also buy the forging bag, which is slightly cheaper and has features similar to the harvesting and gathering bag.

The Foraging Bag make the foraging bag from the same quality & durable canvas coated in wax. Canvas is a strong and tough material, but without the wax coated would not be waterproof. The was layer works by pushing water off the surface of the bag. 

The main features of the barebones bag for foraging are: 

  • Three swappable inserts (Waterproof PEVA, Mesh bottom & Canvas sack)
  • Lightweight and hard waring
  • It can be over the shoulder or as a belt
  • Metal Metal clasps and buckles
  • Open bucket design

Dimensions: 12.5” x 4” x 13”  Weight All inserts: 1.6 lbs / Single insert: 1 lb

Materials: Paraffin waxed canvas, Metal clasps and buckles


Whether you buy the Harvesting & Gathering bag or the Foraging bag, you will be satisfied by the quality from The canvas material is a fantastic choice due to its durability, and adding to that, the waterproof wax seal means you have the perfect combination for foraging. 

The ergonomic design allows for easy access and storage; both bags allow you to wear them differently, making them versatile in the field. I have used my bag for over six months; it carries everything I need and only looks better as the vintage orchard colours settle in.

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