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We will investigate the top 3 sustainable clothing companies out there today. People are becoming increasingly aware of carbon neutrality, net zero and the ethics behind big business. A company’s carbon & eco-footprint has a direct effect on sales. The more sustainable a company is, the better they are in the current consumer market.

The competition to become a sustainable company is now a leading factor in how people spend their money. Long-established eco-friendly companies like Patagonia, who established in 1973, have a significant lead over companies that are only just addressing their core values.

patagonia clothing


An eco-friendly, slow fashion company known for its sustainable products, practices & overall eco-business ethic. Established in California in 1973, the Patagonia brand focused on sustainability. Patagonia is a company built on a sustainable philosophy.

two thirds clothing

Two Thirds

Asustainable clothing brand established in 2010 from a love of the ocean. Two-Thirds have set a company goal of creating clothing with zero impact on the planet which is one of the reasons they’re in the top 3 sustainable clothing companies.

Rapanui clothing


Producers of clothes made from sustainable materials & dyed with eco-friendly ink, but they also develop the technology & processes to do so. Rapanui then outsources this to other companies, spreading the sustainable process far and wide.


patagonia sustainable clothing
patagonia sustainable clothing

Patagonia is an eco-friendly, slow fashion company known for its sustainable products, practices & overall eco-business ethic. Established in California in 1973, the Patagonia brand focused on sustainability.

What makes Patagonia a sustainable company?

Patagonia is a company built on a sustainable philosophy. Therefore, they are one of the most eco-friendly brands out there. Unlike many companies, Patagonia promotes the repair of their clothing. They do this through their ‘Worn Wear’ program. 

Setting a high standard in sustainable clothing, Patagonia also commits to ‘1% for the planet‘, an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment.

Patagonia Founders

Patagonia is a sustainable company founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. The company has a strong backstory starting with a focus on climbing equipment; Chouinard redefined many climbing products. 

Over time Patagonia moved into clothing brands; as nature lovers, the founders would make moves to develop environmentally friendly clothing; this is sustainable Patagonia we know and love today.

Where are Patagonia clothes made?

Patagonia uses a textile mill based in Osaka, Japan & they also work with a textile mill and sewing factory in Hanoi, Vietnam, they have a strict vetting service that partners must go through. 

Patagonia uses a 4-fold approach to pre-determine the practices in the factories and mills they work with. Every new and existing supplier must meet Patagonia’s standards and requirements for business, quality, environmental and social standards.

Patagonia’s pledge to ‘1% for the planet.’

Since 1985 Patagonia has pledged 1% of its sales to preserving and restoring the natural environment. They have generously donated over $89 million to the cause. 

Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, joined forces with Craig Mathews, the owner of Blue Ribbon Flies. Together they created a non-profit corporation to encourage other businesses to do the same in 2002. Patagonia was born to be in the top 3 sustainable clothing companies.

Patagonia’s 1% for the planet

Patagonia’s Worn Wear Program 

The premise behind Patagonia’s Worn Wear program is straightforward; it is to reduce consumption and extend the life of your Patagonia products. One of the few companies out there who want you to repair, share, and recycle your gear.

What does Patagonia sell?

The eco company Patagonia has a line of ethical clothing focusing on sustainability. The eco-clothing range focuses mainly on fashionable outdoor clothes made from hard-wearing materials made from sustainable materials and produced ethically.

Where can I find Patagonia outlets?

Patagonia is a far-reaching brand with Patagonia stores and outlets based in Liverpool, Spain, South Africa, Italy and more. You can find a complete list of Patagonia outlets on their website here. 

Want to get someone a sustainable gift from Patagonia? You could always get that special someone a Patagonia gift card or voucher here.

Patagonia Pro 

Patagonia is a sustainable clothing company focusing on outdoor wear; they also run something called Patagonia Pro for all of you, adventurers.

What is Patagonia Pro?

The Patagonia Pro Program is a membership program for qualified outdoor professionals, environmental grant recipients, and outdoor industry partners. You must apply to become a member, which you can do here. All you have to do is sign in with an existing account or create one if you are new to Patagonia; you can then set up a Patagonia Pro membership.

How do I join the Patagonia Pro Program?

You need to apply to become a member. Patagonia does not guarantee this, and they may revoke membership at anytime. If you want to apply, please sign in or create an account at Patagonia, number one in the top 3 sustainable clothing companies.


Twothirds sustainable clothing
Twothirds sustainable clothing

Two-Thirds is a company close to our hearts here at the Backyard Farmer. They are a sustainable clothing brand established in 2010 from a love of the ocean. Two-Thirds have set a company goal of creating clothing with zero impact on the planet which is one of the reasons they’re in the top 3 sustainable clothing companies.

Two-Thirds create their clothing from fabrics that use less water. They make fashionable accessories from plastic waste and wrap their orders in recycled paper packaging. Two-Thirds operations are all run in a Climate Neutral way.

What do Two-Thirds sell?

The sustainable slow fashion brand Two-Thirds creates and sells eco-friendly clothing. Their sustainable clothing range covers men, women, Kids & Accessories and is mainly casual to smart casual wear. Unlike less sustainable brands, two-thirds make their clothes from eco materials.

What are Two-Thirds Clothes Made from?

Two-Thirds make sustainable clothing from eco-friendly materials, although Eco-materials still impact their environment. However, eco-materials are sourced in an easy that limits any social or environmental issues.

Two-Thirds go to great lengths to source their materials sustainably, like the fabric, a mix of TENCEL™ lyocell, hemp, linen and organic cotton. Using a combination of these materials, Two-Thirds make clothing with significantly less impact on our environment.

Who are Two-Thirds Founders?

Two-Thirds started in 2010 as a small company of just three people. Over the years, it has grown into an international team of twenty people who all share the same passion for sustainable clothing.

What makes Two Thirds a sustainable company?

Two-Thirds is one of THE most sustainable clothing companies to create clothing that has very little negative impact on its environment, they manufacture clothes in a new way with their Pre-Order system. Two-thirds is a Certified B Corp which covers five main areas, workers, governance, environment, community & customers. Achieving this accreditation took Two Thirds a year and a half of intense discussions. 

Two-Third create sustainable clothing made using ecologically and from sustainable materials. They are working to create clothing that has no negative impact on creation. Two-Thirds source some of their materials by recycling and reusing material. They take old & deadstock to their European factories to reuse them.

Made in Europe

Two-Thirds manufacture their clothes in Europe, mainly in Portugal, France & Italy. Manufacturing clothes in Europe ensures that wages are fair, they reduce the carbon footprint in transportation & that quality is assured.

The Pre-Order System

The Pre-Order system is unique to Two Thirds, but more sustainable clothing brands should adopt this method. The pre-order system means that clothes get made when ordered, cutting down on waste from overproduction and landfills.

Certified B Corp

The sustainable clothing pioneers Two-Thirds are a Certified B Corp, but what does this mean? Companies that BLab has given the accreditation go through holistic assessments; B Lab will assess:

  • How well a company treats its employees.
  • Mission, ethics, transparency, and accountability.
  • Environmental performance, from materials through to energy use.
  • How well the company interacts with its business environment, such as suppliers.
  • How responsive the company is towards customers and their needs.

Where are Two-Thirds clothes made?

In truly sustainable clothing style, Two-Thirds have developed a business model that is as eco-friendly as you can be, both socially & environmentally. Two-Thirds clothing factory is in Europe, with the final production phases in Portugal.

Where can I find Two-Thirds outlets?

The sustainable clothing brand Two-Thirds is an online store and has yet to be available at retail outlets. Supplying outlets may be something they will do in the future; it may also reduce any negative impact by keeping production through their pre-order system. 


rapanui sustainable clothing
rapanui sustainable clothing

The Rapanui sustainable clothing brand is a leader in manufacturing eco-friendly clothing. Not only do they produce clothes made from sustainable materials & dyed with eco-friendly ink, but they also develop the technology & processes to do so. Rapanui then outsources this to other companies, spreading the sustainable process far and wide.

Rapanui maintains its sustainable reputation in many ways, one of which is how the cotton is grown for Rapanui’s sustainable clothing range. Rapanu uses Organic Cotton, which uses co-planting rather than fertilisers and pesticides and less water than more intensive farming methods.

Organic cotton still takes up lots of water, so Rapanui sources their cotton from India, where the Monsoons fill the reservoirs, providing just enough water for organic cotton farming. 

What do Rapanui sell?

Rapanui is a sustainable clothing brand that focuses on casual & beach wear, all made from eco-friendly materials. You can buy clothes for Men & Women; they also have a custom design feature allowing customers to add their prints. The ink used by Rapanu for their sustainable clothes is second to none for sustainability.

Who founded Rapanui?

In 2008 two brothers Rob & Mart set up a sustainable company with just £200 worth of savings; Rapanui has grown into an international venture & leader in sustainable clothing. Since founding the business, Rob & Marts venture, Rapanui has received several awards and accolades, including Richard Branson, who stated that Rapanui is in his top 50 favourite sustainable businesses.

What makes Rapanui a sustainable company?

Rapanui runs a tight, eco-friendly ship from the farms to the shop; the clothes are eco-friendly and also fashionable & comfy. Rapanui has several projects exploring sustainability, circular design, and digitally printed products that are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® & Rapanui tree planting weekends. A proactive approach to cleaning waste products like dyehouse effluents & Rapanui are carbon neutral.

Circular design

Ranpanui’s circular design process is all about recycling & reducing waste in the clothing industry. When you have worn out your clothes, Rapanui asks you to return them so they can reuse the fabric for their Circular clothing range. A great initiative placing Rapanui firmly in our top 3 sustainable clothing companies.

Digitally Printed Products

One of Rapanui’s processes to increase sustainability is digitally printed products, certified to use no harmful substances. Digital printing allows Rapanui only to produce clothes when needed to be opposed to the traditional mass production approach, which can result in 40% waste. 

Dyehouse effluents

Rapanui has been developing technology to help reduce the massive adverse effects of dyehouse effluents. Rapanui developed a system that scrubs the water of contaminants and leaves two products, water clean enough to drink and a salt/dye mix used in road markings. 

Carbon Neutral

Rapanui manufacture their clothing from sustainable materials on the Isle of White in the UK. The factory used to produce Rapanuis products gets its energy from renewable sources making its carbon footprint carbon neutral. 

Rapanui’s Tree Planting Weekends

Rapanui’s sustainable projects are not just in clothing; the eco company has reached out to several areas & with several initiatives you can read about here. One of our favourites at the Backyard Farmer is Rapaniu’s Tree Planting Weekends.

Where are Rapanui clothes made?

Rapanui make their sustainable clothing range in a carbon-neutral factory on the Isle of White. In contrast, the Rapanui factory is eco-friendly from farm to shop.

Where can I find Rapanui outlets?

Rapanui has an Isle of White store; visit them at Number 1, PO36 8LX. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the Isle of White; you can still buy from Rapanui online. They even have an eco-friendly postage service to help reduce plastic pollution – what a tremendous sustainable company!

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